Design Build Remodeling in Chicago's North Shore


Once the BDS design team turns those dreams into a plan, it’s time to start the actual building. Construction can be done at any time of the year, and many of our clients select a time when they’ll be traveling to minimize any inconveniences, but we’re prepared to take whatever steps are required to make the experience pleasant. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, our goal is to provide every client with the results they need and expect.

Preparing for the Project

To prevent delays or other problems from developing, the BDS construction team makes sure every phase of the project will be carefully orchestrated. That means building materials and fixtures will be ordered in time to ensure delivery prior to the time those materials are actually needed. That also makes it possible to select alternate suppliers should any unforeseen manufacturing or delivery issues develop. We know our clients expect their projects to be completed on time and within budget, and staying on top of all the details makes that possible. Keeping our promises is why BDS is the leading build firm on the north shore!

Craftspeople Provide the Best Outcomes

The BDS team includes skilled artisans to ensure every aspect of the project meets the most demanding client’s requirements. Finishing a quality home takes more than a rough carpenter and subcontractors hired because they’re the lowest bidders. Artisans know how important fit and finish details are to the project. Our team knows you have high expectations, and we strive to make sure those expectations are always met or exceeded. Our team members are skilled at installing the highest quality cabinets, flooring products, and plumbing fixtures. When your project is completed, we expect every detail to flawless because we know you demand nothing less.

We’re Always Here for You!

From choosing basic design components to making sure the area is clean once a project is completed, we’ll be there for you. Construction projects can be complicated, but our experts are always there to take any mysteries out of the process. While we don’t expect there to be any issues after your project is completed, things can happen. Our clients are number one, and we’ll be here to take care of any problems or concerns. You can trust BDS for your build needs!

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